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Thread: [Suggestion] Visual Changes as Strange Items Rank Up/Improved Stat Tracking

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    [Suggestion] Visual Changes as Strange Items Rank Up/Improved Stat Tracking

    I think Strange items are interesting, but the system needs to some tweaks to reach perfection. As I see it, Strange items are meant to be an e-peen kind of thing, showing off that you've reached the highest rank possible.

    Assuming the Dota 2 Strange item system is copying Team Fortress 2's directly, you would need 8500 kills to reach the maximum rank on an item. Let's say you get 10 kills a game on average, it would take you 850 games with one hero to reach max rank. So let's say you get there, how do I show that off to anyone? No one is going to see it.

    One of two things has to happen to make these items worthwhile.

    1) Add some kind of effect or glow to the weapon/armor as it ranks up. It can be incredibly faint at the lower ranks and get more vibrant and noticeable as you rank up.

    Take Nature Prophet's Cape of Verdant Dreaming back piece for example, you could have faint green particles emanating from his cape or something like that. They can become a little brighter as it ranks up, just enough to show off and that players will notice the difference.

    2) If you're not going to add effects or ways to show off these items that players paid for via keys and chests, then the item needs to be useful to myself in some way. Currently you can track a variety of stats on these kinds of pieces, but they only give you totals which are completely useless.

    It means nothing to me when I mouse over a piece and see I have 500 kills, 150 wards placed, and 25 first bloods. If the piece showed your per game averages, it goes from being useless information to pretty cool. For example, using the same numbers as above, 500 Kills (5.0 Kills per Game), 150 Wards Placed (1.5 Wards Placed per Game), 25 First Bloods (0.25 First Bloods per Game).

    I could justify buying Keys more often to pop open chests if one of the above changes was put in place. I'd be even more likely to if both were I brought up the idea of the stat tracking in this thread here, but I'm not sure if I worded it well there and I had the visual idea to add as well.
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    Any thoughts on this? I posted in the morning so no one ever saw the post.

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    Both of them are already suggested so maybe that's why no responses, search the forum and you will find threads with more replays.

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