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Thread: Designated Captains (and a couple of suggestions)

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    Designated Captains (and a couple of suggestions)


    I am a long time Dota player (started late 2007), and was mostly playing in a LAN cafe. Regardless of the atypical teams that formed, there was always a clear or at least a designated captain for each team, someone who would go beyond just calling "SS", "Push" (i.e. the bare minimum) and actively try to co-ordinate the team, maximize ganking effectiveness by setting priorities, reminding the support to refresh wards, suggesting items/picks based on the enemy team's choices and so on.

    As a simple example, imagine if 2 heroes in your team bought Orchid Malevolence or Stygian Desolator at the same time. When attacking a single target, the second item of the same kind becomes redundant. If, however there had been prior communication, then one player could have gone for Deso and the other for Orchid, effectively maximizing their potential in killing a target.

    Another simple example is ganking "priorities". In full teamfights (5v5), when you're duking it out in the woods, it becomes extremely important to prioritize targets based on certain parameters. If Lich has already cast his ulti, there is little reason to stun/silence/focus him. Likewise, shutting down a "geared" Phantom Assassin becomes more important when the potential for damage to your team increases. Even a "good" Lich ulti will not do the same damage a PA can do if the team is currently focusing i.e. the enemy tank/durable or if everyone is hitting something else.

    Now I understand that there are quite a few people who have zero to even less interest in these things. It's just a game after all, you join and just want to pick your favorite hero (disregarding other picks) and just go to town to paint it red. I can respect that, above all we play for fun. There are some people who understand or can at least respect the need for someone to at least rudimentary co-ordinate the team, but they are unable or unwilling to do so. And then there are the people who can and/or want to take that 'responsibility', because they understand that it will maximize their chances of winning.

    You could say "go play captain's mode" or "get a team", and those are all valid arguments. My suggestion, however, would be to put those +Leadership votes to good use, and either auto-designate a captain at the start of the game or give the option of volunteering to be one (especially handy for CM). In both cases, the UI could be reworked a bit to show statistics concerning the votes i.e. showing the total of +Lead commendations a player has or, even more accurately, show them PER game :

    Total Leadership Votes Received = X
    Games Played = Y

    Leadership Potential : ( [X/4] / Y ) * 100

    Example 1 : Someone has played 100 games and received 400 total votes from his team, a perfect score. Each game, ALL of his teammates have commended him for Leadership. His Leadership potential is 100%

    Example 2 : Someone has played 1523 games and has received 348 total votes from his team (rough average of 1 commendation per 5 games). His rounded (always round up) potential is 6%.

    The game would designate the player with the highest potential. In case of a tie, the game could auto-designate based on number of games played (a 30% with 1500 games is -logically- better than a 30% with 60 games). In case of a one-in-a-billion tie of both % potential AND games played, the game could just do two stealth /rolls and the player with highest roll wins.

    Or a player could just nominate himself for leadership (game would not auto-designate) and the other players could vote in his favor as a captain.

    Of course, even if there is a designated captain, a team member could just choose to ignore him, for a number of reasons (boneheadedness, anarchistic mentality, plain trolling, language barrier or they just know better). We're not Cylons (and even they rebelled), but it could be a good helping tool for pubs who actually care a bit about their teammates and/or winning and would promote cohesion and teamwork between members. In any case, it is an option that does not take anything away from the players.

    (At least not that I can see with my tiny vision).

    Any thoughts/opinions and constructive criticism is welcome !

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    Support - Really good suggestion, but imo its not really suited for pubs, it might work awesomely if valve will implement a "tryhard" mode, since pubs are pretty casual and we can't expect everyone in the game to be able to understand what we say or even notice it. Also on the note with using the leadership points, imo it'll most likely be abused at some point, and some people will run around with 10000% leadership potential, when they really dont have any, hindering others who are actually good "caps" from having the "loud speaker"

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    +on the volunteering thing

    the rating thing wont work cause ppl are morons like always

    u can pick the best matchup in the world, outpick the enemy completly and still get raped hard and flamed from the start because u picked "bad" in the opinion of ur trashmates

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    however im not too sure it'll get much more from the community, too many games where everyone thinks they're the perfect captain and assumes everyone has telepathic links with him, literally just had a game, captain tried making us trilane against a solo and sending our solo against a trilane, picked random heroes (he even said so), and then moaned at 2 of the players in the game for not being good at said heroes even though they said prior to him picking them that they couldn't play them.... sometimes im sure the player base crosses over with wow's...

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