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Thread: [Fixed] Spirit Bear Item Bug

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    [Fixed] Spirit Bear Item Bug

    I can't grab items I've bought from the shop with spirit bear. I can buy items onto my spirit bear, but I can't grab items from stash with spirit bear. It's a bit annoying.

    Also, Lone Druid can't use items in their melee form (like melee form Poor man's Shield) while in ranged form. In dota, he can use items in their melee form while he, himself, is in his range form. What I DO like is that I don't have to drop and pick-up the item to use its melee form, so ty for that and please try to keep that part :-)
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    Well, the solution to your first problem is dropping the item from stash, but yeah it would be nice if he could grab items from stash.

    The second one seems like an intended fix.

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    added to sticky.
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