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Thread: Russian Chatrooms

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    Quote Originally Posted by prassel View Post
    North Europe is not Russia.
    Border between Europe and Asia....v

    2. It is so important? All the same everywhere spamers. In Russia, Sweden, China, everywhere)

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    It is important because we are not russian and we don't speak russian (well, most of us). Generally russians don't speak english either. This makes it a pretty bad mix. I would imagine chat rooms are for _chatting_ which won't be possible in that case..^^

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    +1 for this..

    As people already have said: Most of us can't speak Russian. Most Russians can't speak English. Which means that we can't communicate with the big majority of Russians.

    That is why we don't think it's a good idea putting us in the same player pool as the Russians.

    EDIT: I'm Swedish.. just wanted to clarify that
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