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Thread: Side shop+dead bug

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    Side shop+dead bug

    It happened to me many times, when I die next to the side shop (inside the range to buy there) and my inventory is full, I can't buy items that are present on the side shop (it sais: inventory is full, even when you are dead)

    1. buy boots, tp, and 4 branches
    2. Die by the side shop (inside the shop range)
    3. Try upgrade your magic stick/treads while dead

    U won't be able to do so, "inventory is full"

    should buy the magic stick/treads components and put them in your stash

    I think this happens in secret shop aswell, haven't tested it

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    Kind of like this thread, in which a dev either misunderstood the bug or said that it was meant to be that way:

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    According to MAtt's post in that thread, the sideshop shouldn't be the selected shop any more even if you die near it. Is this not the case?
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    Confirmed, had this bug many many times. It's not exactly critical but it does delay the time it takes you to get out of the base, which in very rare cases could cause you to lose a team fight.

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