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Thread: Item tooltip Toggle option suggestion

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    Item tooltip Toggle option suggestion

    Hi there!

    Anyway, I've had a couple of friends who have never played DotA before start interacting with a game and a consistent problem they've been facing is that they don't know what Strength, Agility and Intelligence do.

    See, new players understand what attack speed, armor, hp, mana, mana regen, hp regen and damage are but they don't understand Strength, Agility and Intelligence so well.

    What I suggest is a menu option that allows you to switch the tooltips.

    Taking Butterfly as an example:

    Current Situation:
    - 30 Agility
    - 30 Damage
    - 30 Attack Speed
    - 35% Dodge

    Post Toggling option:

    - 30 Base Damage
    - 30 Bonus Damage (or just add them if you want)
    - 60 Attack Speed
    - 4.2 Armor
    - 35% Dodge

    Or taking Rod of Atos as an example:


    - 25 Intelligence
    - 250 Hp

    Post Toggling option:

    - 250 Hp
    - 325 Mana
    - 1 Mana / s

    I don't think it's something that would be very hard to implement either and it would probably end up helping a lot of new players.

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    Sounds like a great idea, I always hear from new players or LoL players that they are confused how the agi/int/str system actually works.

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    I have nothing against things that are going to make things like such to be made more simple and intuitive.

    25 intelligence does not tell you what the actual effects on your hero is going to be.

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    So what would Eye of Skadi look like? This adds too much clutter in my opinion. Wouldn't be easier for them to make it more visible what each attribute does when moused over?

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