AM, manabreak overrides orbs instead of being same prio as feedback.
storm ult breaks way too many trees
storm ult supposed to be slightly maneuverable by spamclick
tiny ult -ias shouldn't be working on images (they have the damage but not the attackspeed decrease in wc3dota)
tiny toss should break trees, and it isn't supposed to damage allies anymore
Void ult is not supposed to pause units that belong to void (read: hotd creeps, didn't test necrodudes but assume they also get stuck)
void ult pauses clock and pudge hook movements dead in their tracks, probably a lot of other stuff aswell
void ult doesnt seem to pause timers of things
puck phase shift is usable in frostbite, probably in ensnare aswell.
Some damage of es ult should work through magic immunity, not sure how or why though.
Rhasta lightning suppose to fork a lot further than castrange (iirc 600 castrange, 900 fork. Not 100% on the numbers)
void backtrack seems to ignore everything related to the attack (i.e, if you backtrack ench impetus you take 0 dmg period. It's supposed to be two instances that are blocked separately)
Chen creeps can block..
Razor images purge you when you cast stuff on them..


linkens: fissue and burrowstrike get blocked when not clicked on hero, prob block anything that's like that.
invis rune break when you finish casting/attacking not when you start
oov dot on capapults (didn't check properly if it actually deals dmg, it says they take are poisoned though.) and it's lethal on other things..
Manta and euls dont remove buffs(removes all rebuffs you can think of though..) when you use htem on yourself (someone shouold minitest purge)
Separate mantas are supposed to have separare sets of images.

Various mentions
range creeps hpregen is kinda iffy, should be smoother.. (it jumps like 5 hp at a time)

Pretty sure you get full refund for selling newly disassembled items..