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Thread: rock sliding noise when pressing buttons on top

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    rock sliding noise when pressing buttons on top

    the buttons, "Today, updates, play, watch learn, ..." have a weird rock sliding noise when you mouseover them.

    This sound is ridiculous. Dota is not tomb raider, nor would the gentle effect of mousing over a button create a noise akin to sliding multi-ton blocks.

    Pick a less intrusive sound effect. Or none at all - you could give each rock a slight glow (implying something magical) rather than the caveman sound set you've given it so far.

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    I actually quite like the sound myself.

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    Well it's a taste thing. Personally on this specific issue I'm on Mino's side, but Dota 2 has this "rocky" theme going on in the main menu everywhere, even the icon looks like carved stone, so the rock sliding sound fits into the current theme. Even if the theme is not the best fitting for the game itself.

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    I think it could be volumed down a bit, but I like the sounds. Especially since its just for those buttons, and not everything else. Fits the theme.

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    "WTF DOTA IS NOT TOMB RAIDER" -> like that
    Anyway I think it's only beta version of user interface, so don't worry about that.

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    With Chrys on this one. I like the rock sliding sound, don't really see how it relates to Tomb Raider O_o.

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