Let me start off by saying: I have not lost so many games in a row since i started playing Dota 2, that i have no after the latest change in the MMR system.

I'm currently on 10games lost in a row, and even left one cause it's really unbearable.

The difference is HUGE now that we're all basically playing in the same "league". The Skill difference, and knowledge difference from LOW and MEDIUM IS HUGE.

I've never played with so many bad players as i have after the change.

So this thread is a official call out for another Skill level.

I'm not joining the MMR queue to teach new players/semi new players and even players with 500games played like me. If you're at 500 games, you should very well know the difference between supporting/carrying/initiating and all those things. As well as being able to skill the hero, and buy the correct items. At least that's what i think, 500 games is a lot of games.

I'd add a Poll, but I've got no idea how to do that.