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Thread: So I got the Defense 2 key, but no chest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovlo View Post
    " If you purchased a ticket for The Defense before today, you will receive a crate and key."

    He actually should have received a crate and a key, even tho it's strange to only buy the ticket and not use it
    I am in the same boat. I bought the ticket before the summer sale, but I was busy with work and never had the time to activate it (i used a web browser), but when the sale came out, I didn't get any crates/keys.

    Will I get a crate or am i out of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proskub View Post
    No one said it wasn't. But why support something that has no incentive at all? A free key? Thanks I guess. All I'm saying is I don't see a point in supporting these with nothing of value to gain.
    Paying 5 USD to watch so many matches, isn't a bad investment. Yeah, you can get it free on the internet, but it's a nice thing to support more tournaments. The chest and key are another step to show gratification.

    You just got to think in everything it implies, and they're being pretty fair about the price.
    good day, sir.

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    Does anyone know the drop chance of the defense courier? I'm just getting so frustrated by seeing how many people got the courier when I didn't. God damn it, I'm mad at myself for being mad about not getting the courier, but I can't help it.
    I COULD be wrong, but I seriously doubt it!

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