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Thread: No Rune game mode

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    No Rune game mode

    There must be a mode without runes.

    Its my opinion runes should be removed from competitive play, but I guess that is secondary. For now just remove it from matchmaking with a specific game mode


    Or better yet, you guys could put up a vote at the start of the game. this might work for competitive play also. A setting in the profile. So it doesnt have to wait at the start of the game, the players set it beforehand, and it just gathers that info and gives the NoPowerup game mode

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    balance suggestions ->
    But I doubt that you will succeed your idea makes bottle useless.
    Quote Originally Posted by vladhood View Post
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow

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    This thread is comedy gold.

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    This would be a bat to the kneecaps of many gankers. No. You can make this thread on playdota, but you're going to get the same answer there.

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    we could also change the name of the game to league of legends =D

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