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Thread: Auto decline bot

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    hmm...while I don't support this bot idea, I do find myself often cursing at the declines. for example, just this morning I had to click accept more than 10 times to start a match...

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    A week ago, me and my party members we tried to find a game. We stood there like a half an hour with consecutive declines, and not only one, happened to decline 3-4 members in a row. I mean, ok, you decline once, twice, but a half an hour of declines? This is like...not a good day for science thing. None of my party members declined (the matchmaking was still searching)

    Really, they should add some temporarily ban for those who decline more than one time in a minute or two. There are players who might do that, "for fun", same people who would like to watch the world burn! (meh, kiddeen, but still)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CvP View Post
    So basically people who keep the script on and goes afk. The script auto searches match and declines when found...?
    Yep! That's exactly how it does it. If you know the link it's testable on a virtual machine for fear of virus. Multiple scans with norton, malewarebytes and mcafee comes up clean. Knowing this leads to me believe the creator wants to make a point and annoy pretty hard.

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