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Thread: Sithil's Summer Stash

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    Sithil's Summer Stash

    i just got a Sithil's Summer Stash (mythical) and i plan on getting a summer key for it. im just wondring if what items i can get in it?

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    Copied and pasted from Cyborgmatt's blog:

    "Ice Crystal Bow" "1"
    "Wheel of Fortitude" "1"
    "Timebreaker" "1"
    "Deathwielder" "1"
    "Hammer of Holy Words" "1"
    "Ancient Mask of Intimidation" "1"
    "Demon Claive" "1"
    "Hammer Time" "1"
    "Elemental Ice Infusion" "1"

    List of potential unusual couriers

    "Fearless Badger" "1"
    "Stumpy - Nature's Attendant" "1"
    "Trusty Mountain Yak" "1"
    "Enduring War Dog" "1"
    "Mighty Boar" "1"
    "Morok's Mechanical Mediary" "1"
    "Skip the Delivery Frog" "1"
    "Speed Demon" "1"
    "Tickled Tegu" "1"

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    These ones:
    The biggest difference being the bone hook that I was super hyped about.

    And to answer your question with another question: Will the items in this chest be only obtainable in this chest (non-drops), thus sort of 'event' items? Or will they perhaps return in the store in the future, which would be a bit of a bummer given the inflated trading prices and lack of Strange.

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