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Thread: Meld and suggested items

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    Meld and suggested items

    I'm reading at playdota under "Meld" description that " The armor debuffs don't stack with each other."
    Does that mean that if you cast melf twice the -armor debuff will still be -8 armor? Or that it doesnt stack with Desolator as well? If the latter is true, then Desolator should not be at the core items.

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    Meld does not stack with Meld.
    Desolator does not stack with Desolator.
    Assault does not stack with Assault.


    Desolator + Assault + Meld + Dazzle Ult, etc, stacks.

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    i answered you in your last thread already.
    stop creating duplicates. this is the wrong forum anyway. ask those questions on
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