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Thread: Game Dissapearing?

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    Game Dissapearing?

    I played a game with Lanaya about 30 minutes in a PL on the other team abandons ( I don't know if this has anything to do with it but I though I would include it) then as my team proceeds to push into the enemy base (At this point we are far ahead and it is a definite win) I get the red auto disconnect message and then disconnect. When I tried to reconnect it gave me a message which was something like
    "You need to be in a lobby to connect to a game"
    and so I could not reconnect to the game and had to "Leave Game".
    Since then I have waited for a few hours and the game has not shown up in my match history or made any change to my wins/loss/abandon and so was wondering what the problem is.

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    Same happened to me. Server restart probably.

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    That is what I was thinking but I don't like the idea of a server restart just discounting my games.

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    Deal with it.
    Quote Originally Posted by vladhood View Post
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDon'tCare View Post
    "You need to be in a lobby to connect to a game"
    that is a server crash.
    it's an error on valve's end according to Zoid.

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