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Thread: [Suggestion] Learn Tab: Scenarios and Tutorials

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    [Suggestion] Learn Tab: Scenarios and Tutorials

    This idea would take quite a bit of work, but it could be very beneficial to teach certain concepts to players. The idea is to create a series of "What If..." Scenarios that players can use to develop their decision making in a dota game.

    For example, put a player into a game at particular point where a vital decision needs to be made or a situation needs to be overcome. Put them into that moment in the role of a hero with the game paused, and allow them to fully acclimate themselves to the situation. Have certain important points highlighted (heroes with BKB, allies HP, game timer, etc.), and then give the player a goal such as "Keep Morphling Alive" or "Take Out Enemy Rax at Bot Lane." Have them run through the scenario and give them a Pass/Fail or a rating or something at the end.

    Now, I know that Valve staff aren't necessarily pro players or have a lot of free time, so I think that it would be easier if they created the tools for us, the community, to make the scenarios. What would those tools need to include? Well, we would need a Map Editor with certain specific abilities to create the scenarios:
    -Position creeps, towers, heroes on the map.
    -Edit items/gold on heroes.
    -Assign initial AI parameters for bots. (EX: Kill Lina = Priority, Retreat from Battle = Priority, Push Rax @ Bottom = Priority, etc.)
    -Start a game that is paused.
    -Splash informative text onto the screen for the scenario. (such as the goal)
    -Ability to define "Ending Parameters" for scenarios. (EX: Morphling reaches Fountain, Bot Ranged and Melee Rax Destroyed) Ending Parameters would also need to include possibilities for failure and ending/restarting the scenario. (EX: Morphling Dies, 4 minutes pass, etc.)

    ASIDE: This also leads into setting up Tutorials for new players as well. Such as spending your starting gold, leveling up skills, chain stunning, etc. Also, this could fit into the Dota Store concept to reward creators of scenarios by making scenarios available for like $1.00 or something small like that and letting the creators have a cut much like the steam workshop items, or maybe Valve has a different idea for rewarding them.

    That's it for the idea, and I look forward to the feedback.
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    Howabout, just a tutorial in general? The game could seriously use some basic guided missions. You could easily teach things like last hit, denials, hero roles, and other things, even in a match itself.

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