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Thread: Unusual Cosmetics (weapons, armors, etc). A pragmatic approach

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    Unusual Cosmetics (weapons, armors, etc). A pragmatic approach

    Given that we don't want the game flooded with a million glittery items, I propose two possible ways of implementing other unusual cosmetics.

    [A] Limit the drop rate to <1% or some other number and then retire the chest that drops such an unusual type on date X.

    [B] Allow such unusuals to drop from chests until X amount of unusuals are on the server.

    Some of you may dislike cosmetics. I respect that opinion but at the same time you must acknowledge that popularity is one of the main factors that contributes to the development and popularity of a game.

    My purpose in proposing this suggestion is to address complaints among players that unusuals/stranges are not as appealing in Dota 2 as they are in TF2.

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    That doesn't address the complaint at all, it simply leaves it rare which unusuals already are. Particles on equipment is a horrible idea. -1

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