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Thread: Current Customization Issues

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    Guys please have a look at the EHOME Pennant. This problem affects all those who have the pennant, not only me. It is not linked to the team because it doesen`t add to the fan value, nor does it count "Games Watched". I also created a thread here but still got no answer:

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    got my heroic snowdrop mitten. hammered all the gems in it then all of a sudden my heroic item turned into a normal quality without the purple-ish "heroic" prefix on it. HEROIC ITEMS were not that cheap in the market so my heroic item turning into a normal one isnt fair. i wasnt able to take a screenshot of it for i am not expecting this kind of bug. PLEASE FIX!!!!

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    This. Animation bug. Please fix.
    Also can u make so immortal gem would apply first skills effects and icon not the immortal itself?
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    This Faceless Void cosmetic item Battlefury effect is missing

    Please fix it

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    Roshan Rage Loading Screen is bugged Changing to Purple and white boxes. Is anyone facing this issue?

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    Phantom Assassin's Twinblade of the Veil item is attached to the model incorrectly

    This has now been reported a few times by different users:

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    I equip this kinetic gem but the load-out not changing.
    I tried to unequip/equip again, restart Dota 2... but not work, plz check.

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    There is an issue with Meepo sets. The weapon and the face item seem to remain invisible and show "ERROR" in the pregame in place of them. I don't know if this is for all sets or just my current one (spoils of the bone ruins). If any dev wishes to view it just look at any game I've played Meepo since the compendium release.

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    Recently, after the Compendium Update for Enigma, it has messed up Terrorblade's Arcana and set for some reason. Whenever I tried equipping the arcana, it would have missing textures and Terrorblade would not change color at all. Aside from that, whenever I tried taking off set items from Baleful Hollow, some of the textures, especially the wings, would go missing as well.

    I have tried both verifying the cache several times and rebooting the Steam client. Even so far as re-downloading the entire game. Please help!!

    Here is a picture of the bug:

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    Pudge's Fleshripper not attached

    Have some issue with Pudge's Flesh Ripper Hook not being attached, it is minor though but makes landing hooks harder

    Thanks for the support!


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