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    Current Customization Issues

    Remember to adhere to the rules applicant to this and the other Economy sections.

    In due to massive amount of stress maintaining these forums have created, to the point where I have gotten physically ill from it, I have retired from the Economy sections, and only maintain the Lore section - keep in mind that I have always been the Lore Moderator first and foremost. I will keep this thread here for anyone dedicated enough to continue what was started here. If you do, you have my utmost respect. Working retail is easier than this right here.

    This is a list of issues currently known cosmetic related issues, as well as issues related to the model viewer. This list will also contain issues reported in the Store Bugs and Feedback section, as issues posted there are generally reported here as well, and vice versa.
    This thread will remain open so that people have the opportunity to comment on certain bugs in this list, as well as report them as fixed. Please do not report new bugs here, particularly not major ones. Instead, if you have found a bug that is not on this list, and can't be found via search either, create a new thread and give a link here.

    Bugs have been categorized according to type of issue, with new categories being added from time to time. Bugs that do not fit in any category will be added to the bottom in the 'Other issues' list. Next to 'Confirmed' issues, there are also lists for bugs that may be intended, bugs which may have been fixed but could not be confirmed as fixed by me, a list of fixed bugs, and finally a list of what may be perceived as bugs, but are intended.

    To browse the list use your browser's search function (default ctrl+f) and try out multiple search terms that might appear in a description of your bug (heroname, item name, etc). Searching for substrings is adviced to compensate for typos (e.g. "Bounty" instead of "Bounty Hunter").

    Note: it is a known issue that Strange items regularly don't track whatever it is they are supposed to be tracking. Those occurrences are to be reported in the stickied thread at the top of this section.

    Note: Do you have a copyright concern for a recently added cosmetic item? It is recommended you contact a mod, who can address your concerns better than the general community. You are also free to contact the Dota 2 Team via e-mail.

    Confirmed issues
    These issues have either been proven via screenshots, videos or are confirmed by developers.

    General model viewer issues
    There are a number of heroes that have issues when displayed in the Loadout and Featured Hero section:
    • Ancient Apparition: There is a blue sphere-like particle effect attached to the turntable.
    • Broodmother: Her turntable is far too small.
    • Chaos Knight: His turntable is too small.
    • Gyrocopter: There is now a particle effect that makes the propellers look like they are spinning, except the modeled propellers are stationary.
    • Lifestealer: His turntable is too small.
    • Luna: Her turntable is too small.
    • Nyx Assassin: His turntable looks exceptionally large compared to with other heroes.
    • Sand King: the platform is too small.
    • In general: turntables will sometimes change colour.
      • Issues concerning Featured Hero Models that have not been listed here, can be reported here.

    Compendium and player card issues
    There are a number of issues related to compendiums and player cards:

    Description issues
    The following items have erroneous or missing descriptions:

    Rarity issues
    There have been reports of item sets having a strange rarity rating in comparison to the items it contains:

    Note: Bundles are rated by the item with the highest rarity, not the average of all items combined.

    Furthermore, a number of promotional items, such as from Tournament tickets, are not genuine:

    Item icon issues
    The following items have outdated or erroneous item icons:

    Clipping issues
    The following items have noticeable or severe clipping issues:

    Particle effect issues
    The following items have noticeable issues with particle effects . This includes unusual couriers:

    Strange item and counter issues
    Note: Valve is currently reworking the Strange items system, as confirmed here.
    There are issues concerning strange items and counters in the following situations:

    Invisibility/normal mapping issues
    The following items are partially invisible under certain angles. Only cases that can be witnessed in-game from isometric view are listed here:

    Lina's Fiery Soul of the Slayer issues
    There are several issues concerning Lina's Fiery Soul of the Slayer:
    • Unequipping it causes her eyes to remain yellow.
    • Swapping any hero to Lina won't change her hero icon to the proper one.
    • Stealing Lina's Dragon Slave as Rubick when Lina is wearing the Fiery Soul item, does not give Rubick the customized icon and particle effect. Note that Rubick does get the customized hook when stealing Pudge's Meat Hook ability.
    • Lina will after dying occasionally respawn with her default skin and portrait icon.

    Note: This item got its own section in due to its prominence and status.
    Other Lina-related issues:

    Legion Commander's Blades of Voth Domosh issues
    There are several issues concerning Legion Commander's Blades of Voth Domosh:
    • Her in-game model portrait shows her standard skin for other people (so not the wearer).
    • The Exalted tag is very similar to the colour of renamed items.

    Other hero related issues
    The following item issues have been categorized by hero:


    Bounty Hunter

    Centaur Warrunner

    Chaos Knight


    Death Prophet

    Dragon Knight

    Faceless Void





    Lone Druid








    Skeleton King

    Skywrath Mage





    Other issues
    Issues that have not been categorized yet, or do not fit in the previous categories:

    These issues might be bugs, but it might also be intended, and could use further clarification.

    The following issues may have been fixed, but the exact status has not been cleared up (either in due to conflicting reports, or lack of recent reports).

    These issues have been recently fixed, but remain on the list for a short while to let people know. Note: If a fix is listed here, it does not necessarily mean it was fixed in the most recent patch - sometimes I do not find out about a fix until way later.
    • Everyone should now correctly have received their rewards for filling out Compendium predictions, stamping player cards, and filling out the Fantasy Team.
    • Greevil eggs properly show what essences they have again.
    • Lina's Fiery Soul of the Slayer has had her custom in-game portrait, as well as her custom background fixed..
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