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Thread: I want to win.

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    Sh*t happens.

    My games have always been this way: a long winning streak followed by an evenly long or even longer losing streak.

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    My worst difference was 20 games (so it was like 140-160) and my saddest losing streak was 17 losses in a row. Yeah, it was like 123-126, I'm like 'yeah, almost', BAM, suddenly 123-143 . I was sad.
    Still, after about 400 total games I went to a perfect 50% and I've been staying there for the last 3 months.
    The majority of games I play are in solo (and the ones that I play with friends are mostly epic failures for us), mostly as support(so I almost never carry our team to win by picking lucan in 100 games in a row).
    Why I said it? W/L come and go, getting upset about it is not worth it.

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    Closed and banned.

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