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Thread: This Needs To Be Addressed DOTA2

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    This Needs To Be Addressed DOTA2

    I have come here and made an account in order to post this. I neither post on forums regularly nor usually, but I feel like Valve needs to hear me out. Please direct this post to the appropriate administrator.

    Dear Valve,

    I've played DOTA for quite some time now. However, I wouldn't call myself a hardcore player because I only played the original DOTA (in WCIII) a handful of times and only got into it with Heroes of Newerth. I would say that I am a good player, one who coordinates with his team and tries to follow the objective of the game in order to win. I am not a player who only focuses on any one aspect such as kill to death ratio or such things.
    I got into the DOTA2 Beta via invite and have been playing since instead of HoN. I've had many minor complaints here and there about the game but nothing ever came close to this before. I will provide an example of the issue I need Valve to address. The match that I played which moved me enough to come here was as follows:
    I was Axe and in the jungle/forest. On my team there was a Razor and Necro in top lane (as Radiant). The other team had the newly released Templar Assassin in the top lane. Now, I understand that shit happens and you can't win them all, so try to look past a surface level argument here. Our Razor and Necro both go 0-7 against the Templar within 10 minutes of the game. After stating the obvious, that they have fed the enemy Templar, they proceed to flame and blame me for "hiding" in the jungle and not "contributing." As my axe stood in our fountain while our final set of barracks was going down (it was pointless to even attempt to defend because of how ahead the other team was), I got an early abandonment. I was not AFK, I was merely typing to my team and addressing some of the faults of the match. So here are my issues with this:
    I ask myself, how do I get matched up with players like this? Either the enemy team player(s) were way more experienced and better than us or the Razor and Necro I had on my team were not nearly as equal. So that leads me to think about the matchmaking system. How is your matchmaking system for DOTA2 set up Valve? I seriously think something is very wrong with it. Does it only take into account wins? Does it not take into account a combination of things, such as an endless amount of statistics that can be extrapolated and recorded every single match? Yes, the game is still in the works. However, this is a primary issue that should be given all effort before anything else. The matchmaking system is priority to a good game such as this. I evaluate myself first before I try to evaluate anything else and humility in self-evaluation brings flawed results. Humility is only so people can like you and it strays away from honesty. So no, I'm not trying to be arrogant when I say that I strongly believe I am intelligent enough for you to consider my observations. You need to take this seriously.

    The example I've written of is one of many that I have led to this post, this issue is not based off of one match. It is based off of all the solo matches I've had (which is enough to see a problem). I have a good amount of friends who play DOTA2 and have a similar complaint. There is something very wrong when the better players in the match get punished and matched with players who don't care nearly as much about it. There should not be one or two really good players on each team and the rest just random or from a wider range of experience. What happens then is the better players just pick heroes like Templar Assassin and feed off the worse players and ruin the game for everyone. You need to work on your matchmaking system way more. Take this as a "Hey, you're doing a great job, but there's this one thing that is stopping this game from being straight up amazing."

    P.S. I have contributed $$ to this game as well and haven't just been playing it free the entire time. I am a contributor and a valued customer. I urge you to care about what I am saying. At the very least, let me know how the matchmaking system works and why it works the way it does. Then tell me how you are planning on changing it or adding to it. I understand it is a complex procedure. Thank you.

    Please work on the DOTA2 matchmaking system so it doesn't pit players that have minimal clue to what is going on with one or two very experienced players. It ruins the game.

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    Well, since you stated you don't use forums regularly, I'll refrain from the usual spite I use for threads like these.

    Simply put, there are already stickied threads for feedback on the MM algorithm. Matchmaking feedback thread (note that you won't be getting an explanation on how the MM algorithm works)

    and the more recent thread about MM:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jax3812 View Post
    Please direct this post to the appropriate administrator.

    Dear Valve,
    Do that yourself:

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