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Thread: Why aren't people like this outright banned from beta?

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    Why aren't people like this outright banned from beta?

    ES has a giant trollguy face for his avatar, screams nonsense into mic all game, purposefully feeds over and over. Despite this we still had a chance until he started feeding the courier, once when our Void's eaglesong was being sent to him, then after the courier respawns he takes the eaglesong while laughing into mic amidst gibberish yelling. It's baffling that people like this are allowed to keep their beta access.

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    Report and move on. Eventually he'll get a lifetime of low-priority queue.
    Ruining a game do not send you to the eletric chair, but some time in the prison.

    Anyway, we get a lot, I mean, A LOT, of this kind of thread here.

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    wow that void was going to completely own...

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    Well, obviously he is from Turkey. So let's just region lock turkey so they can't play with other players than turks anymore!!11

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    Is it me or the MM here is one-sided? I mean look at the last-hits/denies.

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