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Thread: Loadscreens in shop?

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    Loadscreens in shop?

    I just think that it'll be a pretty cool idea to sell loadscreens. Good for the developers, good for the fanbase as well. Quality checks should be pretty stringent ofc.

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    Would want this also.

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    I would buy or create them if they are not as over-priced as couriers, keys or tickets...

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    nah paying fr virtual goods like textures/models is pricey enough alrdy so i wont give my ca$h for a PICTURE XD
    mb sell complete skins which changw menu/loadscreen/hud or sth
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    I personally have never bought a hat before. I admit that.

    But I love the game and this could be an incentive for, you know, fans to get creative. Even if I don't buy them, they're still nice to look at. And it's pretty healthy for the community (especially the ones that can come up with art) too.

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