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Thread: [1 bug] + [suggestions] related to the backpack and trade window

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    [1 bug] + [suggestions] related to the backpack and trade window


    0) bug/proposal - would be great to see coloured squares around items in your backpack as it is done in the steam inventory ... so strange items with the orange, unusual courier with the purple square etc ...

    1) required possibility to join items in group .. for example i have a set which i want move to another page and it is set of many items would be great to join them and move all together

    2) in the drop down select box "sort backpack" required possibility to "sort by sets", "sort by hero + rarity" and one more option very important which will remember initial positions before sorting kind of undo sort and return to initial sorting ... so if i need to "sort by sets" to join items or to find smth ... i can do this, but if i had previously manually sorted items i need a way to return back to my manual sorting ...

    i think exist sense to add button like "save positions" and in the drop down an option named like "user defined"

    3) all items in the description tag must have related hero name ... or may be this not related to the description tag let me explain ...

    in the trade window exist possibility to find fast an item by typing it name or hero - this is very important and good feature in case you have lot of items ... but many items impossible to find by just typing a hero name or part of it ... so if i type lets say "sven" it wont show me all sven related items, many, many of them will be missed

    4) trade window all identical items need to be grouped as well i think

    5) again trade window ...
    situation: i have lets say DK set ... and have few separate items ...
    in case i search items by hero part name like "dragon" i would like to have items sorted in some way that first will be newer items and then older and so one ... why ? because i can trade item from the set which is located on the page 7 in my backpack ... instead of separate additional item located on the first page ...

    so my set item will disappear ... my separate item will remain on the first page where i have items for trade ... so possible situation that i can trade 2 items ... one of which is required to keep my set solid ...

    another inconvenience that even if im very accurate guy and i remember that i should keep my set solid, i have all the time drag and drop items from lets say first page to my 7 page where my set located ...

    in case you implement my suggestion about grouping items so they will be all together one near another ... would be great to see some help like coloured square around grouped items and not in the trade window list

    so think pls about how to implement this

    all of these suggestions based on personal experience

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