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Thread: You have to pay to watch?

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    The reason you have to pay to spectate tournament matches via the game's spectate function is because unless tournament organizers are able to monetize the function in some way, NO ONE will be allowed to spectate those matches.

    If you're watching in-game, you're not watching through their stream, you're not generating ad revenue.

    Also the tournament replays include the shoutcaster audio channel, which is frickin genius and something that has not been done before in DotA history, if you wanted to listen to the casters while watching an old game of WC3 DotA, you had to find the VOD for it somewhere, because the replay file wouldn't have it.

    Plus I really feel the need to highlight how cheap this is relative to other forms of entertainment. The Defense tickets are $5 USD. For a tournament that has spanned 2 months and is still ongoing. $5 won't even get you a goddamn movie ticket these days. Stop acting as if Valve and the tournament organizers are conspiring to rip you off.

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    I don't like to get into arguments on the internet anymore but your comment inspired me to write about this. I'm not arguing with you, I'm just... letting you know some stuff.

    Videogames cost money to make. They are expensive. You have to hire people. People have to pay for food and bills and insurance and college debts and mortgages and children who have their own shit that needs to be bought, like clothes and toys, and videogames of their own. People are expensive, and it takes roughly 200 of them to work on a videogame. That's just the people, not to mention the company who have to pay for the servers and the electricity and their own insurance and technology and innovations. This is the grim reality. Eventually, you have to make a dollar.

    When a company makes a game free to play, they're not just tossing down ambrosia from the heavans. They're taking a huge risk that people will pay for something somewhere down the line, otherwise they won't be able to continue to make videogames. The sacrifice for F2P is that the chatbox is spammed with item requests. I know that's a pain, it sucks, i enjoyed talking about items builds and shit there, but here's the benefit; that poor people have access to the game. That's a good thing. But even if you're not poor, the benefit is that you get to try the game and see if you like it, before rewarding the studio with your dollars. That is an amazing thing, because it deeply improves the way you hand out your money. You don't get suckered into buying a game with heavy DRM and shitty matchmaking. It makes you a more astute and responsible customer, and it makes you more selective with where your money goes. In theory, anyway.

    But even then, let's be very clear about this. This isn't just about Valve making money. This is also about Valve allowing eSports (which before dota, I never even paid attention to) a new revenue stream. Which seems to be everything that they're about. Steam has been a way for indie games to actually become commercially financed, which is awesome because many indie games are fucking fantastic. The steam workshop allows digital artists to earn money and recognition from their pursuits, which previously were confined to free downloads on fpsbanana.

    In other words, Valve is taking stuff that people make for free, while keeping the option of having it for free, also allowing people to philanthropically support that content if they want to. And they wrapped it up in this elegant service that makes it seem appealing and rewarding. The unintended downside of this is that psychologically, it appears to people like you as if they are trying to milk you because you have to think about paying more often.

    One other thing... your theory about adding a one time fee to prevent griefing is bull. Dota has a system to punish griefers by putting them in low priority mode for a short time only. This is a solution to the problem you raised, which is smarter and all-around better than yours. And, I might add, it's a solution that most retail games do not care to include.

    All that being said, I do agree a little. The tournaments are great fun, and I checked out the Defense, I love Tobi's commentary, and the little shoutouts he does to the people watching on dota tv, it makes me feel like a special snowflake. But I probably won't pay for any more. I would prefer it to be pay-what-you-want or something like that.
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