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Thread: Tooltips Project

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    Tooltips Project

    I am trying to complete a project I started a while ago, the web API/JavaScript client for Tooltips (heroes, abilities, items) anyone can use on their websites and have run into some issues.

    Here is an image showing the current development version:

    I am struggling with two main issues and thought people here might have the answers.

    1) I cannot work out what the in-game font is and there is a lot of conflicting information while searching online. Does anyone know what it is? If it is not publicly available, is there another similar font I could use?

    2) I am currently using the old style icons (agi, armor, movespeed, etc) and would prefer to use the new plain style used in the game client. Does anyone know if these are available at too? Or where I can find them in the game files?

    I would really appreciate any pointers.
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    AFAICR the font is called 'Radiant'

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    I don't have a decisive answer for you, but I wanted to show you how I addressed this in my own tooltips browser extension (Available here (firefox) or here (chrome); All code available at:

    1) I don't know what the font being used in the new UI is, but I've pulled the style sheet used on's heropedia as a reference for the styling of the tooltips. This style sheet is stored as a reference with the project here. On the heropedia they use the css style below:

    2) Likewise, for the new UI icons, I've only referenced what was done on the heropedia page. For those, the icons are available from the cdn at

    You're welcome to use whatever you might find useful from that project (I rarely work in javascript so it's probably hideous to a veteran of the language). The extension never really got much traction, so I've somewhat neglected it for a while now. I was digging around this WebAPI board trying to find a good way to pull the talent info from the json feeds so I could give it an overhaul but haven't turned up anything useful. Glad I found your post, good luck with the project.
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