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Thread: Hero performance logic is ridiculous

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    Hero performance logic is ridiculous

    When you look at the heroes' performance tab, there's this message about it comparing you to the other players of the same level. Anyway, I had my 5 games with Dragon Knight and 5 games with Lina. DK was 1:4 and Lina 4:1. I got a full bar for DK (!?), but only half for Lina. There's something wrong here... Playing support in Dota2 is much easier because the MM system only seems to team you with people who like to play carries, and when you do pick a carry yourself, there's no decent support. To tell you the truth, I think I'm much better with Lina. I buy couriers, wards, have accurate stuns most of the times, help carries get fed by harassing/denying/leaving kills/etc. Most players who pick Lina don't even do such things. Instead, they try to take/steal as much kills as possible. I really can't believe there are that many pros who are still lvl2. How is hero performance measured?

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    Hero performance is flawed so far, but no need to make a thread about it.

    Go search around you'll probably find some answers.
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    it also should be reworked in the future.

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