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Thread: [Fixed] Divine Rapier didnt drop of broodmother.

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    Ok found how to repro:

    Make a practice game with cheats on, spawn an ally bot, do givebots item_rapier so he gets a rapier, buy a rapier for yourself too, spawn an enemy bot. Kill any of the 2 allies with the enemy bot. Pickup the rapier with other ally. This rapier is muted as expected. Now give that muted rapier back to ally when he rez or drop it on the ground. Your rapier is now undroppable as far as I could tell. Seems extremely abusable, as long as you can afford 2 rapiers on the team since all you have to do is go suicide on neutrals(I think you drop yeah?), loot rapier with your main rapier carrier, then TP back to base and drop it on the ground and your rapier is now permanently protected, or at least for a while(don't know if it turns off after a few deaths or what).
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    added to sticky.
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    I've been looking through the bug list for significant bugs. Is this one fixed? It's over a year old and I can't reproduce it.
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