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Thread: [Confirmed] X mark the spot versus meld

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    [Confirmed] X mark the spot versus meld

    In dota1 X mark the spot cancel meld If and only If it move lanaya (so, X on lanaya, lanaya move then use meld, at the end of the X, lanaya is moved and lose meld, but if you cast X on lanaya while she is already in meld, it will not cancel.)

    But in dota2 X mark the spot do not cancel meld, even if lanaya moved between the cast of X and her meld.
    (cast X on lanya, lanaya move then use meld, at the end of the X, lanaya is moved and DON'T lose meld.)

    Edit by Buny:
    Same goes for:
    Chen's Test of Faith teleport
    Keeper of the Light's Recall
    Io's Relocate
    Vengeful Spirit's Swap
    Disruptor's Glimpse
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    Meld does not get removed by X mark, every other spell interaction works normally - surge, flamebreak, blackhole,flaming lasso etc.

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    added to sticky.
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    I want to add Nether Swap (Vengeful Spirit) to this. Tested on DotA Test Map 6.75b, and it should remove the Meld aswell.

    AND Relocate (Wisp).

    And Test of Faith (Chen).
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    It should be cancelled by all movement, since in DotA it checks TA's position. Just noticed cogs doesn't cancel it, even if she moves like 200 units being pulled inside them.

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