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Thread: [ Suggestion ] Give players option to mark their items as "I want to trade this item"

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    [ Suggestion ] Give players option to mark their items as "I want to trade this item"

    It would speed up the trading because players could easily check whos willing to trade what items without typing hundreds words everytime. Maybe you can even give us option with additional window under each item where players can type what they want for certain item.

    Example on the Attachment.
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    Mate this change has to be done though Steam Intentory and no though dota 2
    so if u want u can suggest this at steam forums.

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    I'd prefer an alternative, a way to mark items as not for trade. So frustrating when I'm making a specific offer, and someone adds me just to make a bad offer on one of my NFT items. "2 uncommons for hook??"

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    Good idea. +1!
    My Dota 2 workshop AceMcShanks

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    bump for more feedback =)

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    Even though I agree with WithOutNam3 about this idea belonging to the steam forums, I support this idea. +1

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    Some sort of organisation, preferably folders would make it a lot more usable.

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    [Suggestion] Dota 2 trade showcase (subinventory)

    When i want to trade with someone, sooner or later i come to the point when other guy, or I, start asking for items that are not for trade.

    So what i would like is this:

    At the moment we have 10 pages in our inventory, and I would like to check only 1 or 2 of them that would be visible when other ppl open my inventory and search for items.
    This way I can put up on display only items I am willing to trade for other items.

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    it was already suggested for example here:

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    say hello to make valve put this on a tab ingame so ppl can browse this page. gg

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