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Thread: [False] Jugger spin vs Bkb & Blademailtarget - No attack damge dealt

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    Quote Originally Posted by blash365 View Post
    you mean like avalanche dealing double damage to tossed units?
    or like open wounds working for spell damage?
    or like wall of replica only creating 1 illusion per hero at a time?
    or like dying illusions not healing dirge when dying under plague aura from flesh golem?
    or like ice vortex checking new units every 0.1 seconds?
    or like purge removing repel?
    or like rubick stealing passive affects for stolen spells in the case of krob, bara, tiny and dk but not for sylla, zeus and storm?

    the list is endless. there will be someone anywhere, who will want a single piece of information added to the tooltip.
    and let me tell you, in your case it is not needed to understand the spell. for that kind of stuff there is a learn tab and hero guides.

    anyways this is drifting into a tooltip issue, so if you insist on this being a problem, then create a thread in that forum section.
    Yeah you are right that this is drifting off to tooltip issues and I'm thinking of posting there instead. However I think that when there is an important mechanic which will affect your own gameplay with the hero it should be mentioned. Examples of this is the blade fury attack (spin, attack tower tp away) and tiny toss+ava combo (were you will deal twice the damage). This dosn't apply to open wounds + spell damage because naix as a hero dosnt naturally deal magic damage so it wont affect in the same way as tiny with the combo. Hope you get my point.. Dark seer could easily be fixed by saying "created a replica of...." instead. It is already stated that purge removes buffs from a target so that will include repel I guess. Not sure what you mean with the rubick issue though. Anyway this can be closed now I think if no one want to discuss this post any further.

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    Open Wounds already mentions it in the tooltip actually.

    The Ava+Toss combo should definitely be mentioned in the tooltip though. I think Jugger should have some mention of it as well, mostly because you'll find a lot of new players right clicking while using Blade Fury thinking they'll do more damage.
    And some other ones you mentioned (Purge/Repel interaction, dying illusions not healing) is kind of common sense. Purge is a magical effect, hence it makes sense. Additionally illusions don't allow for any sort of health/mana drain/steal except for Open Wounds and Feast strangely enough. If anywhere should be mentioned it's that it does work for those 2, not that it doesn't for all the others.

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