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Thread: 25/07 Item Changes - My feedback

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    Gonna copy-paste from my PlayDotA post:
    The icons I do not like:

    Courier: Don't see the point in the change. It looks far too cartoony.
    Flying Courier: Same reason as before.
    Observer Wards: Could look less cartoony.
    Bottle: Could look less cartoony.
    Blade of Alacrity: Doesn't look bright enough.
    Staff of Wizardry: Doesn't look bright enough.
    Quarterstaff: Lost a lot of it's details.
    Javelin: It doesn't look like a javelin anymore.
    Mithril Hammer: Looks dull.
    Blink Dagger: The previous one was far superior to this one. Did not see the need for a change.
    Magic Wand: Looks more like a dildo or a vibrator, and I'm not lying.
    Null Talisman: The purple background does not fit.
    Poor Man's Shield: Doesn't look poor.
    Treads: The aura around it is absolutely disgusting.
    Urn of Shadows: Less cartoony. The previous one was better.
    Tranquil Boots: An improvement, but could use a lot more detail and a background.
    Drums: The previous one was far superior.
    Aghanim's Scepter: Needs less stubbiness.
    Shadow Blade: It is a contrasted MESS.
    MKB: It needs a background.
    Divine Rapier: Why blue. WHY. It doesn't look "Divine" anymore.
    Hood of Defiance: A silver trim would work a lot better than gold.
    Vanguard: The shittiest icon since Satanic in the previous version
    Black King Bar: The red eyes are distracting.
    Assault Cuirass: It's not a cuirass, it's a platebody.
    Mask of Madness: Needs a slight improvement in the facial shape. I like it otherwise.
    Mjollnir: Oh god. Why.
    Satanic: Now it's a beetle. How many times are you going to screw this up.

    All other icons are either fine the way they are or if they were changed I approve of the improvement.

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    woofer +1

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    I love the new AC and Mask of Madness, but yikes.. a lot of those are really bad


    What were they thinking T_T.

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    can someone show me some screenies??
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    I'm not one for crying about change (I welcomed the last generation of item icons when they arrived with open arms) but seriously, these new ones are almost universally bad. I understand the need to change the courier/wards icons because the older ones were stock, but why change Blink Dagger? It looks less like a dagger and more like a stylized cleaver.

    That's just one example. The previous set of item icons were perfect, IMO, and I really really don't like the new ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inacio View Post
    Some icons were changed for the better, some for the worse.
    The icons I won't mention were either not changed or are looking better.

    Icons that just look bad:

    Vanguard: bad contrast against the backgorund, looks like it was thrown into Photoshop, someone applied some high contrast filters and called it a day. Needs some work
    Magic Wand: the rounded thing on the top looks worse than how it looked before
    Satanic: could use better contrast against the backgorund
    Assault Cuirass: looks much less uninspired. I believe it's the palette. It doesn't work as well as it did before
    Sange: could use better contrast against the backgorund
    Armlet: just not a very good design even though it IS an armlet now; could use better contrast against the backgorund
    Wards: wards aren't made of Play-Doh
    Bottle: looks slightly oversaturated (filled ones are great though)
    Blade of Alacrity: it looked oh so much better in the previous icon, was a way more interesting design composition-wise
    Blink Dagger: perspective looks really weird
    Shadow Blade: looks like a purple dragon dildo
    Couriers: the background is too bright, and the couriers themselves don't look very interesting either

    Personal taste:

    BKB: I feel like the red doesn't work very well with the palette, and just feels unnecessary
    Poor Man's Shield: the previous design was more interesting, and still fit the role
    Sheepstick: that's not a very good silhouette / palette synergy
    Chainmail: the texture just doesn't feel right... maybe it should be just slightly lighter?
    Drum of Endurance: I feel like the previous icon was a bit lighter on the eyes, with less saturation, and had a better perspective... might just have to take my time getting used to it though
    Staff of Wizardry: the previous icon looked more... magical? This one feels like it's a little dull
    You should change your post into everything being personal taste because it is.

    The icons are subjective meaning everybody has a different opinion. If the perspective of an object, lighting and shadows are just plain WRONG, they go add it to you "items that just look bad", everything you posted should be under "personal taste".

    I think the icons look great, no need to change it. Put more time into heroes, balancing and bugfixes etc.
    They already redid it 2 times. why spend even more time on something that is OK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickondraw View Post
    why spend even more time on something that is OK?
    I wish you asked this before they changed the already fine icons into bizarrely-coloured, horrifically contrasted messes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The4thSniporr View Post
    I wish you asked this before they changed the already fine icons into bizarrely-coloured, horrifically contrasted messes.
    your kinda right they didnt have to change it, but they did.

    people dont like change, next week no-one will talk about this, they just have to get used to the new icons.

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