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Thread: 25/07 Item Changes - My feedback

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    Idk why u (Valve) changed the good icons. If an icon is cool (i mean the design of the icon, not the quality, not 3d model, not the colour, etc.) why u take it and destroy it to bring us the most awful icon u can do? AC WAS a very good icon, nobody said nothing about it and now seems like u copy-paste the models of LOL's items and put into dota. I'm very dissapointed with your item's work.

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    IMHO every time you change the item icons once again, they get just worse (most of them) and more HoNish. Please don't implement the new icons changes in the main client; instead, focus on improving slightly more important things such as updating hero models (E.g. I think you did a great job with the updated ES, Batrider and Chen model) or the hero picker.
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    Abyssal Blade: Too dark but not the worst
    Blink Dagger: Seems so fat and small. I still like the very first
    Drum: too centered to me. dont like the angle too. old was better i think.
    Armlet: Still like the very first. this looks more like a bracer
    Assault Cuirass: Just change to old colors and it will be good.
    Battlefury: Looks like its just testing some new skins. Almost like the old one. Will get used to it.
    BKB: Just red-eyes. Whatever to me
    Blade of alacrity: Like the old one but I see what you really wanted. Its just one blade.
    Bottle: Looks too real to me but is a good skin. I think old fits more dota
    Chainmail: Looks cool
    Cheese: It looks like it stinks. But why dont you change it to the cake like it was suggested by some admin and you can even put the description as the "The cake isnt a lie" or something like this
    Couriers: Seems too much like cartoon
    Dagon(s):Old was badass enough
    Diffusal Blade 2: This pink color doesnt fit it. It was good before, it seemed one didnt had background and the other did.
    Eaglesong: details. nice
    Gem: Just put the first one. Or at least make a new model for it when it drops. (still prefer the first)
    Headdress: Never really understood what it was supposed to be but now it looks like a bird.
    Heart: Looks good. Didnt changed much.
    Heavens Halberd: Looks more heavenly with the white thing shining
    Helm of Dominator: Looks fine
    Hood of Defiance: Some more colors. It fits good
    Shadow Blade: Hell no, please. The very first was just perfect with it transparency suggesting ghost, then they slightly changed. Ok can handle. But this, please just no.
    Javelin: Looks like the javelin we used to use in 800 b.c. just saying. I think I may get used to it.
    Magic Stick: Few changes
    Magic Wand: Looks a little fat in the top but its ok.
    Mask of Madness: Looks good. very demoniac.
    Medallion of Courage: Awesome addition of detail! [2]
    Mithril hammer: Whatever just changed color
    Mjollnir: Seems like the old.
    MKB: Needs a Background. very bad
    Mystic Staff: Seems the same
    Platemail: Turn the lights back on please! [2]
    Poor Mans Shield: Its new but its nice.
    Quarterstaff: Its good, kinda thin, but ok.
    Rapier: It didnt changed but the first was so... divine!
    Recipe: Great
    Sange: cartoon
    Sange And Yasha: "Instead of changing the background color, i think it would be better to add actual detail to the 2 blades, instead of blackening them out." maybe that will help.
    Satanic: Different but better then old.
    Skadi: i loved the white background
    Staff Of Wizardry: Clear and cool.
    Aghanim's Scepter: Still thinks it looks too small. The very first didnt had this issue
    Urn Of Shadows: Cartoon I guess
    Vanguard: Looks like a monster to me plus old remind me more dota1.
    Void Stone: Good
    Wards: Cartoon
    Yasha: Too cartoon I guess. old was perfect

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