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Thread: Not really sure about the new item looks...Detailed Feedback.

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    Question Not really sure about the new item looks...Detailed Feedback.

    Abyssal Blade: New icon added more detail to the item, but the old one seems better still. Maybe lower the brightness on it?
    Aegis : New one looks fine
    Blink Dagger:Why is it fat all of the sudden? It doesn't even look like a dagger anymore. Worst change in this whole patch.
    Drum: New one looks good
    Armlet: Old one was much better, new one is a "xXxDARK AND EDGYxXx" bracer.
    Assault Cuirass: New one looks great
    Belt of Strength: Why wash out the color from it?
    Battlefurry: New one looks awesome
    BKB: Dont see the need for the red eyes, but I suppose the new one looks ok.
    Blade of alacrity: Old one is much better but still trash in comparison to what it could look like. New one lacks detail.
    Boots of Elves: Nice added detail
    Bottle: Looks great.
    Iron branch: Old one looked more natural, less artificial.
    Chainmail: Looks badass!
    Cheese: Old is too bright, new one is too cartoony.
    Couriers: Indifferent
    Dagon(s): Great change!
    Diffusal Blade 2: Looks too colorful. There needs to be a visual difference between 1 and 2, but I dont feel this is the right one.
    Eaglesong: Great change, gives it a majestic look.
    Smoke: Nice added detail! Every bit counts.
    Energy Booster: Old was much better. Less color and in a way more detail.
    Healing Salve: With the color reduction it now looks wooden.
    Gem: SUDDENLY MINECRAFT....seriously it looks like crap.
    Ghost Scepter: Zoomed in on an already crappy looking item. No good.
    Gloves of Haste:Too bright, WAY to bright.
    Headdress: Great change.
    Heart: This one is tricky. I like the background of the new one, but I prefer the item detail of the old one.
    Heavens Halberd: Nice change, it needed something extra.
    Helm of Dominator: ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL. Not liking the small change. The old one looked more subtle.
    Hood of Defiance: Old one had a better background that made it pop. New one seems dull.
    Shadow Blade: Reminds of a Generic Korean Grindfest MMO #131231231 glowing weapon. Doesnt belong in Dota.
    Javelin: now a spear? With the blur effect removal it may as well be.
    Crystalys: Good minor change.
    Magic Stick: Good subtle background.
    Magic Wand: Why is the end of it exploding?
    Mask of Madness: I like the idea of the change, but im not quite feeling it made it there. Looks better then the old one, but I feel it resembles too much of Cho-Gath from League of Leghendas.
    Medallion of Courage: Awesome addition of detail!
    Mithril hammer: It has the color and shading of HoN. Feels Grimdark, but the colors feels off. I would say adding extra detail to the old one but keeping the colors and shading is better.
    Mjollnir: Detail loss on the handle on the new one. Rotate the old one and you have a deal.
    MKB: Needs a Background....removing the outline from the old one makes the item look less then it should be.
    Mystic Staff: Nice touch to it.
    Necronomicon(s): I like the changes, makes it easier to distinguish the levels on it.
    Oblivion Staff: Much needed change, that gives the resemblance of the name on the item but with a bit of color in the background.
    Ogre Axe: Again...why does the new one have less detail?
    Orb Of Venom: I prefer the old background as well as the old orb inside the snakes mouth. Once again detail loss.
    Orchid: Good touch to the effect.
    Pipe: See Orchid.
    Platemail: Turn the lights back on please!
    Point Booster: Nice small change to the background.
    Poor Mans Shield: Looks too much like stout shield ( both being round). I prefer the old one.
    Quarterstaff: Seeing more if the item is always nice, although it loses some detail, I like the new one.
    Quelling Blade: The grip on the old was better.
    Radiance: Gives the item a more majestic touch to it with the effect changes.
    Rapier: Not sure about either one.
    Recipe: Good stuff. Detail is always appreciated!
    Sange: Great new look.
    Sange And Yasha: Instead of changing the background color, i think it would be better to add actual detail to the 2 blades, instead of blackening them out.
    Satanic: I can finally tell what it is! Before it was something indistinguishably, now its something that resembles demonic beings.
    Shivas Guard: Once again we have detail loss. Please stop.
    Skadi: While i loved the white background on the old one, it felt out of place. The change is more fitting for dota.
    Slippers of agility: Makes them more clear over the old one. Good stuff!
    Smoke Of Deceit: I love the new smoke effect in the icon.
    Sages's Mask: More detail- More awesome.
    Soul Ring: Nice change.
    Staff Of Wizardry: I like the new clearer orb.
    Stout Shield: Color looks washed out. No Go.
    Talisman Of Evasion: Never liked the old one, now the new one looks even worse.
    Aghanim's Scepter: Good color adjustment. Consider making the crystal part of it show more ridges and cuts.
    Urn Of Shadows: Best change in this whole item overhaul patch. Looks fantastic.
    Vanguard: Washed out colors, and Im not a fan of the new design.
    Void Stone: Great touch ups to the minor details.
    Wards: Love the change!
    Yasha: More details is as always welcoming!
    Wraith Band: See Yasha

    Over all this is a bag of mixed feelings , where as the old overhaul brought many joys with it.

    I think there is work to do or undo.
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    agree on nearly everything, i just want to point out again: new vanguard is HORRIBLE. and its such a often used item, pls change asap! baaad colours and overall bad design , looks like an old washed out man

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    Abyssal Blade: Too dark but not the worst
    Blink Dagger: Seems so fat and small. I still like the very first
    Drum: too centered to me. dont like the angle too. old was better i think.
    Armlet: Still like the very first. this looks more like a bracer
    Assault Cuirass: Just change to old colors and it will be good.
    Battlefury: Looks like its just testing some new skins. Almost like the old one. Will get used to it.
    BKB: Just red-eyes. Whatever to me
    Blade of alacrity: Like the old one but I see what you really wanted. Its just one blade.
    Bottle: Looks too real to me but is a good skin. I think old fits more dota
    Chainmail: Looks cool
    Cheese: It looks like it stinks. But why dont you change it to the cake like it was suggested by some admin and you can even put the description as the "The cake isnt a lie" or something like this
    Couriers: Seems too much like cartoon
    Dagon(s):Old was badass enough
    Diffusal Blade 2: This pink color doesnt fit it. It was good before, it seemed one didnt had background and the other did.
    Eaglesong: details. nice
    Gem: Just put the first one. Or at least make a new model for it when it drops. (still prefer the first)
    Headdress: Never really understood what it was supposed to be but now it looks like a bird.
    Heart: Looks good. Didnt changed much.
    Heavens Halberd: Looks more heavenly with the white thing shining
    Helm of Dominator: Looks fine
    Hood of Defiance: Some more colors. It fits good
    Shadow Blade: Hell no, please. The very first was just perfect with it transparency suggesting ghost, then they slightly changed. Ok can handle. But this, please just no.
    Javelin: Looks like the javelin we used to use in 800 b.c. just saying. I think I may get used to it.
    Magic Stick: Few changes
    Magic Wand: Looks a little fat in the top but its ok.
    Mask of Madness: Looks good. very demoniac.
    Medallion of Courage: Awesome addition of detail! [2]
    Mithril hammer: Whatever just changed color
    Mjollnir: Seems like the old.
    MKB: Needs a Background. very bad
    Mystic Staff: Seems the same
    Platemail: Turn the lights back on please! [2]
    Poor Mans Shield: Its new but its nice.
    Quarterstaff: Its good, kinda thin, but ok.
    Rapier: It didnt changed but the first was so... divine!
    Recipe: Great
    Sange: cartoon
    Sange And Yasha: "Instead of changing the background color, i think it would be better to add actual detail to the 2 blades, instead of blackening them out." maybe that will help.
    Satanic: Different but better then old.
    Skadi: i loved the white background
    Staff Of Wizardry: Clear and cool.
    Aghanim's Scepter: Still thinks it looks too small. The very first didnt had this issue
    Urn Of Shadows: Cartoon I guess
    Vanguard: Looks like a monster to me plus old remind me more dota1.
    Void Stone: Good
    Wards: Cartoon
    Yasha: Too cartoon I guess. old was perfect

    The ones I tought it hadnt changed I deleted to make it shorter

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