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Thread: Game exits randomly+Connecting to Dota2 Network bugg.

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    Post Game exits randomly+Connecting to Dota2 Network bugg.

    At loading into game, sometimes Connecting to Dota2 network bugg occurs. Sometimes reseting Steam works, sometimes doesn't.
    At begining of match sometimes game shuts down, for no reason, then i try to enter game again, to beat 1 minute timer on begining.
    During game itself, game exits for no reason. Sometimes during farm in woods, sometimes during fights, etc.

    Repro Steps:
    1)Close everything that i have opened.
    2)Log in to steam.
    3)Turn on Dota 2 from Steam Games Library list.
    4)If all works well get into Dota2 client.
    (Result 1)This is only if - Connecting to Dota2 Network - sign doesn't appear. Waiting for that sign to load doesn't work, nothing happens, so i need to turn off dota2,and try again. Usually resetting steam works, but not always.)
    5)Get into party, or go solo, and go on tab - Play -
    6)Find Match.
    7)Get into game.
    Result 2 ) Sometimes on beginning of game, I load normally, and yet sometimes i get pushed out of game itself, back to desktop. Then i am forced to turn on dota 2 client again, and pray that result 1 doesn't occur again.
    This happens on 50% of games.
    8) Ok i am pass that, hopefully i got in game before 1 minute countdown. Now i get to pick a hero. Usually there is no problems there, until timer goes to 00:00.
    Result 3) At that moment i get massive lag spike each time, which leads to pushing me off to desktop, or if i am lucky, to game itself.
    Also 50% games where that happens.
    After that, game goes normally, until random moment during match.
    Result 4 - Without exceptions , each game, out of my 50+ games played ( which is i know not much ) , i get kicked once more during playing. Not kicked, but pushed back to desktop, and my game exits.
    Usually it happens more then once. 2-3 times is usual.

    After new patch that is added recently with snow and everything, more and more often i can't get back into game, but i freeze on place where my char is. I can hear what is happening in game, even hear that i can move my char. But desktop is frozen as it is, on some time, and game continues itself, and i am back connected to game, so noone notices that but me.
    Its one of reasons why i have 5-10 abandoned games.

    Expected Result:
    It shouldn't happen.
    I tried to solve problem myself trough other people reports, yet none of those "solutions" that i've found around didn't work.

    My computer configuration shouldn't be problem, i can run all other games smoothly..
    I have windows 7, 64 bit version, Direct X 11, enough HDD space for dota 2( i've booted my whole system while trying to prevent this from occurring, so i have 1 Tb of memory free now more/less)
    ATI 6850 - Graphic Card , 4 Gb Ram memory . CPU Intel Core i5 3.1Ghz, Shader 4.0

    I have connection of 6mb-12mb with upload of 2-4mb, so that shouldn't be problem either.( it depends on whether my roommate is using internet)

    If needed i can supply you with a video of how it happens. Tho my recording is limited to 10 mins per video cause of Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 limits without buying.

    Dota is one of best games ever, and is great way to spend time with your friends.
    Please help me to feel free to enter game, without being scared that my friends will be left in-game alone, with me logging in/out of game constantly, and trying to calm myself not to be a little jerk whom will destroy his computer

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    haha, uninstall dota2, nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KonZ3N View Post
    haha, uninstall dota2, nuff said.
    Reinstalled game, didn't help. Even rebooted whole system

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