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Thread: Bug posting guidelines. READ THIS FIRST!

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    Bug posting guidelines. READ THIS FIRST!

    When posting bugs in the forums it will help prevent confusion if we follow a standard format. We want to fix all of the bugs that you are experiencing so you can go back to having fun but it can be difficult to know what to do if we don't understand exactly what the problem is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buny
    First off, before you report a bug you found, you should be doing this things first.

    1. Be sure that the bug you found is an actual GAMEPLAY bug. Server crashes and connection issues for example don't qualify as such and belong to this section.
    2. If you are unsure if what you found is a bug or not, then post it in the brainstorming section first and ask.
    3. If you are convinced that it's a gameplay bug, make sure that the bug hasn't been reported before by quickly searching in the Known Bug List, the Intended Changes List and in the recent changelogs (use CTRL+F and search for keywords)
    4. If the bug is already reported, post in and bump the thread about that bug instead of creating a new thread, if not, then post a new thread.
    Each bug should have the following sections.

    This is where you describe the bug that is happening in the game right now. You should include any details that seem relevant like the frequency the bug happens, anything out of the ordinary that might have caused it, or if you were able to reproduce the result.

    Repro Steps:
    Make a numbered list of the steps that caused this bug to occur.

    Describe exactly what happens.

    Expected Result:
    Describe how the behavior should be different from the behavior you described. Be clear if you know the behavior is incorrect or if it just seems suspicious.

    Quote Originally Posted by blash365
    Primary sources for this should be and tests with the latest version of wc3 dota
    (a testmap allows you to play several heroes yourself for testing purposes: How to validate WC3 Dota behaviour).
    Try to avoid using other sources (such as, other wikis or hero guides). Those sources are often outdated or mistaken. If you rely on those uncertain sources nevertheless, make sure to mention it in your report.

    If possible, always put the match ID in which the bug happened, along with a timestamp into your report.
    You can find the game ID in your game history. Just click on the match and show details. The number at the top left corner is the match ID.

    Here is an example bug written in this format.

    Nevermore's ultimate does less damage then it should at close range. It appears to be fine at long range.

    1) Level up nevermore to at least level 6. 7 might be better so you can get max level Necromastery
    2) Collect souls up to your maximum so you can shoot your ulti at full strength.
    3) Get right up next to an enemy (I used the invis sword)
    4) Cast your ultimate

    The target next to you will take damage like they were only hit with one or two of the lines sent out by the ultimate.

    Units really close to nevermore should be hit several times. I'd say closer to 6 or 7.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Serious Exploits Reporting

    If you are going to report a serious exploit that will be heavily abused if posted in public, please report the issue privately by sending a private msg to one of the moderators. They will verify and if needed, forward the issue to the developers.

    Thank you.

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