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Thread: Why "Uncraftable" tag?

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    Why "Uncraftable" tag?

    As we all know there is no crafting in Dota 2, so I would like to ask the devs why are store bought items with an uncraftable tag? Drop items don't have it and since Dota 2 does not support crafting items like TF2, shouldn't this be removed?


    Not craftable:

    The tag matters because 3rd party sites show it while you cant see this in trading window. So either remove it completely or make it visible in trading window as in case of TF2. Naturally not-craftable aka dirty items are less in value than their craftable aka clean versions.

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    Maybe they will add crafting at some point?

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    I don't know how exactly Valve tags the items bought from the store (whether it really tags them as uncraftable or just store bought which is then interpreted by 3rd party sites as uncraftable), but this tag is really pointless.
    They should just make store bought items have genuine quality and be done with it.
    It would make more sense anyway - store bought items are the way of supporting the game and should be more valuable than the dropped ones.
    Currently it makes no sense that they are less valuable just because they have this tag which is interpreted by 3rd party sites as "uncraftable".
    Also, why should some mythicals received with merchandize be genuine, while the same items bought from the store are "uncraftable"?
    Aren't both the result of actually buying something and supporting Dota?
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