I really enjoy watching streams from my favorite players and commentators (Purge, Singsing, Dendi, Tobiwan, etc...).

I would like to see the Dota2 client provide support for popular streaming sites (Twitch, Justin, Owned) from within the watch tab. Similar to the picture-in-picture view that is so common in many streams, but of course featuring the perfect optimizations that only Valve can provide

For example, if Purge was streaming, I would be able to see that in the Watch tab, and by clicking in I would be able to watch his stream without tabbing out. AND, once the game begins, I would be able to continue watching the stream, but have access to all of the great Dota 2 spectator tools (gpm, xpm, last hits, etc etc).

Ideally, streamers would still have access to the same advertising options, but maybe implemented in a way that is less distracting to the game. It seems like adds kick in at the worst moments sometimes lol.

Streamers could also have access to new features, like the ability to offer up Dota shop raffles for cool items, a chance to win tickets to a championship stream, 1-on-1 coaching sessions... the possibilities are endless, really.

Hope to see this in the game sometime soon.