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Thread: Tournament Tab feedback and other stuff.

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    Tournament Tab feedback and other stuff.

    I am not satisfied with the current tournament replays interface.

    I'm a skilled player and like to analyse the game so the quality of the replay system and the tournaments tab is very important to me. I've purchased all four tournament passes, The Defense, IG MM Asia, Star Series S2 Lan Final, and BeyondTheSummit WT. I plan to purchase tickets in the future.

    As of the moment, browsing through Tournament replays is a painful process. I understand that it is a working progress and I expect improvements. It is messy and unorganised to say the least. It should not require any pre-knowledge of the tournament or searching through websites to find out the tournament format, which game is a winner bracket semi-final and which game is a group match.

    I'd like to clearly see a layout of the groups, brackets and a spoiler system for bo3 matches and an optional(on/off) spoiler system for the entire tournament. Immediately seeing who made the finals or got past the group stages might spoil it for those that haven't seen the tournament yet. I say optional because having to click spoiler buttons may be a nuisance for those who already know the results and want to dig into the replays straight away for the sake of watching the replay.

    I'd like the names of players in the replay to stay as their official player name which they played under in the tournament and not change due to a steam profile name change.

    I also strongly suggest a search function. If I am interested in a particular team or match it is made a lot simpler if I can type in "Natus Vincere vs Mousesports" for example.

    I want to be able to toggle the new Game Stats tab on the top left whilst the camera is on player perspective or directed.


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    I agree, that the there is a lot of room to improve for this feature. I like your suggestion of spoiler free ingame brackets/infos of the tournament (at least of the big ones). I would also like a support for smaller/amateur events (maybe using an extra column).

    Another thing I want to get implemented: The possibility to watch a replay with player/team vision (without enemy hero icons on the minimap), somehow I can't get this to work yet.
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    Agree. Or at the very least show us the list of participating teams, which we can just left click and find out all matches of that said teams.

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