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Thread: [Bug] Bots not taking courier items if they die

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    [Bug] Bots not taking courier items if they die

    Simply put: if a bot has an item on a courier and the courier is flying out to the bot, and the bot dies, the bot never gets the items.

    this will mean that the bot may never get boots or some other critical item.

    1) create bot match. (Preferably with cheats)
    2) wait several minutes while bots farm.
    3) when courier is coming out with the item, kill bot.
    4) watch courier have item for rest of game.
    5) ???
    6) profit

    Make it easier:
    ->) If cheats are enabled, use -allvision to know when the courier is coming out
    ->) If cheats are enabled, buy divine rapiers to make killing bot easier
    ->) Do this preferably on the middle bot to make sure it doesn't buy from side shop (just makes it faster, as they have to use the courier.

    ->) I'm not sure what happens if the courier dies, if they'll rebuy the items, or if they'll just never have boots.

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    This should be better with this week's update.

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