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Thread: # of games does count

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    # of games does count

    A new player could have only dota 1 experience, similar to how I was... and win 7 times, but have 3 losses. The percentage should not matter, he should not be matched with people that are familiar with the game engine with 200+ wins and have played every hero there is to play in dota 2. It took me over 30 games to get used to the engine and transition to dota 2, and I would not want to be matched with a player like that, and I would definitely not want to hinder my team.

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    You're about the 100th person bringing this up, too.

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    number of games played does count. but apparently they dont count too much on the lower ranks of the system yet.
    let's see whether this gets changed in tomorrows patch.

    and use the stickied thread for your feedback next time.

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