Hey there,

So it's currently kind of hard to know what round a given match is in, as well as the layout of each tournament as a whole. First, I suggest that an icon be added to each match in the tournament view so that it could be easier to distinguish. Early rounds could be designated by Round 1,2,3, etc. icons, and then quarter, semi and final matches could use bronze, silver and gold dota shields, respectively. It's just an off the top of the head suggestion, but having some way to know right off the bat what point of the tournament you're looking at would be really, really helpful.

Second, having a bracket for each tournament's progress on the tournament's tab-page would be really helpful. This way you could pick individual matchups, and it would be a less chaotic layout. Essentially, it would be nice to get a quicker snapshot of the tournament's progression without having to look up what's happened elsewhere.

The bracket could be simple; something like this: