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Thread: [Confirmed] Certain AoE spell doesn't affect units under Song of the Siren

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    [Confirmed] Certain AoE spell doesn't affect units under Song of the Siren

    Summary : despite being invulnerable, several spells are able to take effect into units under Song of the Siren, which are EMP, Curse of the Silent, and Sanity Eclipse, these spells still deal their MP damage part (edit : if someone find more, feel free to add it)

    Repro steps :
    1. pick Siren, use Song of the Siren to any any enemy hero
    2. use any of the above spell to sleeping hero

    Actual Result :
    no effect at all

    Expected Result :
    no damage is done to HP, but MP damage is still taken by sleeping units (tested from DotA)

    p.s : there is another interaction i didn't check much, of how does SotS dispel buffs.i tested Anchor Smash on sleeping units, they do have their damage reduced but only if they wake up while AS duration is still in effect, in DOTA 2 it never apply the AS buff at all
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    added to sticky.

    could you guys compile a list of the affected spells please?
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