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Thread: [Confirmed] Tornado cycloning invisible units

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    Just to be more precise, no purge but also no disable(spinning in the air thing). I mean the 2 are linked but basically in dota1 tornado only does dmg, nothing else. Also does delayed dmg, even though I'm not sure that's important, it basically does dmg when the target would have landed back on the ground had it been hit by the tornado while not invis.

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    I am almost sure that current state is intended.

    I don't know how it was back then, but currently on Dota 2, Tornado does hit the invisible units, lift them up, and as the inivisble target lands down, it gets damaged. The invisibility of the target doesn't get interrupted or dispelled. The target is completely invisible during this process. The Cyclone that lifts the invisible unit is invisible aswell.
    On W3 DotA, we cannot be clear about if the Tornado hits or doesn't hit... If the Tornado goes through the invisible unit, it doesn't lift the target, and the target is completely mobile, but the target still gets damaged at the end. It just looks... bad.

    It was made like this, probably because if the target was Cycloned like it did on Dota 2, the target would have to lose its invisibility, and they wanted to prevent that and split up the Cyclone and the Damage. And Cycloning the unit and then applying its invisiblity back wouldn't be pretty, since it would reveal the invisible unit at least for the duration of the Cyclone.

    On Dota 2, Tornado effect on the invisible enemy target is completely unseen by the Invoker.

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