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Thread: [Suggestion] Empty 3rd Game

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    [Suggestion] Empty 3rd Game

    I would like the Tournament to create a Empty 3rd Game to destroy the assumption that the 1st game won by a team would not have automatically won the 2nd game.

    I hope that didn't complicated things but the logic is as follow:

    Game 1 - Navi - Potm;
    Game 2 - Navi - Potm;

    If I watch Game 1, I can conclude who won Game 2 hence there was no Game 3.

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    Not necessary. Will just confuse people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonwalkerMiklo View Post
    Not necessary. Will just confuse people.

    The whole replay UI was changed to avert spoiling the result of the game, I don't see why the same accomodation can't be done to avert spoiling of the results of a Bo3.


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    Its not fun to watch a game that you know who is winning (well your example is a Na´vi match so you know that they are winning but since it aplies to other teams...) I think its nescessarie and a realy good idea, casters on youtube do it all the time.

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    Maybe it would be possible to group the 2 or 3 games, and then a spectator can reveal them in order? Would be neat, but I could be seeing it as hard to implement, and would definitely require retroactive action after all the games have been played.

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    At the moment the games are "sorted" like this.

    Na'vi vs. PB 18:30~
    PB vs. Na'vi 17:15~

    I would like to have it this way

    Na'vi vs. PB (if i click on this the games are getting revealed)

    Na'vi vs. PB Game 1 17:15
    PB vs. Na'vi Game 2 18:30
    Na'vi vs. PB Game 3 19:15(fake one)

    It would be easy to implement that the system automatically generates a fake match if only 2 replays are available in a Bo3 or 3/4 replays in a Bo5

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    Wouldn't be better if they grouped games by their series, and when you open one, it would only appear one game at a time, and you would have to scroll to your desired game? I guess it would be spoiler-free enough without having to bother with dummy replays.

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