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Thread: Player Audio

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    Player Audio

    Its nice to have the spectators or all chat commands viewed by everyone during games/replays but it be nicer if you could see what each team said/typed during the match.

    Cause I find that the audio quality of people is lacking. I remember when I first starting playing, it was at a pc cafe and people would call out what they wanted you to do, stun here, go to this lane, etc etc. When Im at home playing alot of that communication is lacking. I think it would help if people were exposed to it. Instead of the randomness that swarms the audio channels.

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    Why do you want to see what the enemy team writes in teamchat? If its a stack or a professionell team, then they wont write anything since they are on Skype, ventrilo, teamspeak etc.
    And in pub games its 99% trashtalk with some "ss" calls.

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