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Thread: [Confirmed] Jakiro's Liquid Fire & misses

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    [Confirmed] Jakiro's Liquid Fire & misses

    Jakiro's third spell "Liquid Fire" effect is still being used during cooldown after the hero consumption the spell as a "missed" attack. The effect comes on impact from the blue dragon head's attack projectile.

    1) Once you have picked Jakiro, skill Liquid Fire (does not matter which level) and get into battle where there are different levels of heights, eg. in the water where the creeps meets in the middle lane.
    2) Make sure you have Liquid Fire active and not consumptioned and be on a "lower level" (in the water).
    3) Now, attack an unit on a higher level and make sure it says you have "missed" your attack. If not, wait until you get another Liquid Fire charge and try agian.
    4) Once you successfully have missed your attack with the Liquid Fire effect and you also notice it is on cooldown. Attack another target before the cooldown wears off but make sure it hits this time.

    The next target you will attack will apply the Liquid Fire effect on impact even if you consumptioned the spell as a missed attack and it is currently on cooldown.

    Since you have missed the attack with the Liquid Fire effect and it is on cooldown, the effect should not appear again until the cooldown wears off.
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    Good write up - I'll take a look.

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    Looks like this bug has not been fixed yet.

    I also want to add that if Jakiro has Liquid Fire and his target dies before Jakiro's projectile hits, Liquid Fire will start to be on cool-down but the skill will trigger on the next attack although the cool-down has not worn off.

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    Jakiro is already a weak hero, balance wise it wouldn't hurt him if Liquid Fire attack never missed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luffydude View Post
    Jakiro is already a weak hero
    +1 Indeed....

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    added to sticky.
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