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    Question Decompiling of models

    I am trying to get hero and item files I can load into my 3D editor. I tried to follow guides I found in the net, but none of the programs work.

    I successfully extracted the game files using GCFScape.

    However, the guides say I have to "decompile" the model (whatever that means...) to get files 3D editors can handle.

    I tried Cannonfodder's Studiocompiler (previously MDL Decompiler) but it crashes every time I try to decompile. Other people seemed to have teh same issue. Someone suggested they found a fixed version of Cannonfodder's MD Decompiler, but it also crashes on trying to extract.

    I copied the *.dx90.ctx file and renamed it to *.dx80.vtx as the guides said.

    So, any idea how will it actually work?

    I'm using Win 7 64bit if that helps.

    P.s.: If it works for someone, all I ask of you to please decompile all three model files in heroes/keeper-_of_the_light and send/upload them somewhere. Thanks!
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