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Thread: [Unconfirmed] Time Lapse bug (Weaver)

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    Exclamation [Unconfirmed] Time Lapse bug (Weaver)

    Hi, I was watching a stream when I noticed something that must be a bug, here are the explanations :

    Summary :

    Time Lapse (Weaver ultimate) brought the hero back only 1 second ago instead of 5.

    Repro Steps :

    1) Weaver level 5, using shuckuchi to tower dive
    2) Creep dies nearby, passes lvl 6 (still in shukuchi)
    3) Skilling ultimate and instantly using it

    Result :

    Weaver is brought back 1 second ago, the same time as when it skilled it's ultimate. This means that the "Time Lapse timer" starts only when your ultimate is skilled, and this is not meant to be like this. (at least in dota1)

    Expected :

    The hero should be brought back where it was 5 seconds ago and at it's former state (hp / mana).



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    The information for Time Lapse isn't stored until you skill it. The same issue occurs/occured with Disruptor's Glimpse. Afaik, this is a known issue.
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