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Thread: [Suggestion] Player of the Match

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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Player of the Match

    Hey =)

    this suggestion is an attemp to improve the commendation function because I dont like the way how it is used:
    Everyone can commend anyone else without being in a game with him which results in players who are beggin for commendations in the chat like "comment me 4x and I will commend you back".
    I can't image that this was the intention by inserting the function.
    It's not possible anymore to vote for player you haven't played with. Anyway the commendation system needs improvements.

    My Suggestion:
    Player of the Match

    After each game there is an extra button behind every players row of stats which is clickable to vote for the Player of the Match.
    The player who got selected the most times will be rewarded with an +1 to his "Player-of-the-Match"-Counter on his Profil.

    What is the Player of the Match?
    The one who gets most of the votes and becomes Player of the Match was not necessarily the best player in the game. Everyone who votes for this title can have another reason for his nomination. If someone in my team is playing pretty averaged but is such a nice guy that my game was way more fun with him I could possibly nominate him as Player of the Match because I want him to have the +1.

    How does this system treats the "rivalry" between both teams?
    Everyone is able to vote for anyone. Even if my Team won the match I could vote for an opponent player because he deserves it in my opinion. It may be possible to give votes from an opponent team more value since it is more difficult to "convince" someone who is playing against oneself.
    Furthermore noone need to vote. If I dont want to vote I can just leave the match.
    And of course: It would be not possible to vote for oneself.

    What would be the benefit of such a system?
    Player who are good, friendly, cooperative or just funny could be rewarded in an honorable way.
    Player of the Match would be more valuable than the current commendation and it could result in a better behaviour.

    What else would be important:
    - Come up with a final name (e.g. "most valuable player" [MVP])
    - Time frame inbetween voting is possible (e.g. 30 sec)
    - Some kind of announcement for the Player of the Match
    - Rule in case of a tie (e.g. in case of a tie no one would become Player of the Match which would lead to a more valuable reward)

    Possible exploits (and how to prevent them):
    - "MVP farming" with premade teams
    Example: 5 mates are selecting one player (among themself) who gets all their votes. This player would get at least 4 votes.
    Solution 1: As soon as you play in any kind of stack your vote counts as a half vote (or 0.75 Vote) when voting on people in party, otherwise it counts as full vote.
    Solution 2: Only the leader of a stack is allowed to vote. So in a full premade match (5 mates vs. 5 mates) there would be only 2 votes available. Voting a member of his stack would be possible. This solution leads to another problem ("rule in case of a tie").
    Solution 3: Mates are not allowed to vote for each other. In a full premade match the players could only vote for opponent players.
    Solution 4: Only enable MVP in Solo-Matchmaking games.

    Other Ideas:
    - Different color (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) when different numbers are reached (like achievements)
    - Possibility to turn the counter off/on on own profil
    - Battlepoint Bonus of +5 (or +10) for voters
    - Battlepoint Bonus of ?? for the MVP
    - After a certain amount of awards (e.g. 50/100/150 etc) the player could get a random cosmetic item.
    - There could be a list of "most awarded players this week" and "most awarded players overall" (Like the Hall of Fame)

    This is a raw concept and I would like to hear any suggestions or ciritcs.
    The following pictures are examples how it COULD look.

    The vote buttons:

    The counter on the profil:
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    The English term is MVP - most valuable player.

    edit: or did you not call it that to distinguish it from the "best" player? I think players are capable of giving the MVP award to someone just because they like how they conducted themselves and made the match fun.

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    And when 2 are tied?


    Idea: someone who is voted player of the match 25 times could have his star (in figure 2) a bronze color. (Like an achievement)
    Different color, silver, gold and platinum when different numbers are reached.

    @above: I like player of the match or man of the match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vladhood View Post
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow

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    @ Catma:
    MVP sounds good. Rethinking the name could be a final adjustment in form of a poll

    @ Homerbomer:
    I love the idea of different colors in form of achievments and added a new list with "Other Ideas".
    Relating to the names I would rather take "Player" than "Man" cause we dont want to exclude the female gamer among us

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    Nothing to add. +1

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    Great idea, was already suggested somewhere before, but it's still great. I fully support it.
    One serious issue to remember is how would it work with 'friend stacks'.

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    So what stops my friends voting me MVP in every game, even if I really wasn't?

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    Another idea: Premade votes count as half (to the same premade team or to everyone, debatable.)

    I like the idea of premade votes count as half to everyone in the game.

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